LITSA applies in all the engi­nee­ring pro­ject works, from its plan­ning, design, selec­tion of sup­pliers and mate­rials up to the cons­truc­tion and com­mis­sio­ning, rigo­rous pro­ces­ses of qua­lity con­trol of ser­vi­ces and materials.

In our com­mit­ment with exce­llen­ce and pre­ci­sion, that requi­res the ful­fil­ment of each con­tract, LITSA deve­lops a policy of qua­li­fi­ca­tion, cer­ti­fi­ca­tion and homo­lo­ga­tion that gua­ran­tees our qua­lity in all of our activities.

Integrated Management Policy

LITSA plans and deve­lops neces­sary pro­ces­ses for the use of its exclu­si­ve Inte­gra­ted Mana­ge­ment Sys­tem of qua­lity, envi­ron­ment, public secu­rity and cus­to­mers´ satis­fac­tion. At the same time, LITSA per­ma­nently veri­fies, through an effi­cient orga­ni­za­tion, the imple­men­ta­tion of said policy, which is carried out in accor­dan­ce with spe­ci­fi­ca­tions sta­ted by the stan­dards IRAM-ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 based on per­for­man­ce con­ti­nuous improvement.

Pro­ces­ses and pro­ce­du­res for achie­ving the abo­ve-men­tio­ned are perio­di­cally revie­wed and eva­lua­ted to iden­tify risk situa­tions, imple­ment stra­te­gics for their correc­tion and redi­rect impro­ve­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties in order to opti­mi­ze the ove­rall service.

See our Mana­ge­ment Policy

Quality of Materials and Services

The cons­truc­tion of the second sec­tion of the Trans­mis­sion Sys­tem asso­cia­ted to the Cen­tral Hidro­eléc­tri­ca Yacry­re­tá invol­ved the crea­tion of a highly spe­cia­li­sed qua­lity con­trol team to audit all the cons­truc­tion-rela­ted pro­ces­ses and sta­ges. The experts that cons­ti­tu­te this team deve­lop and imple­ment the most deman­ding Inter­nal Audit Pro­gram and Faci­li­ties´ ins­pec­tion and is res­pon­si­ble for con­tro­lling the imple­men­ta­tion of all the correc­ti­ve and pre­ven­ti­ve measures.

Quality System certification

LITSA has imple­men­ted an Envi­ro­men­tal Mana­ge­ment Sys­tem that com­plies with all the requi­si­tes sta­ted by ISO 9001:2015, which BVQ ori­gi­nally cer­ti­fied in Novem­ber 2004 and currently by SMC that belongs to OAA.

See our Qua­lity Mana­ge­ment Sys­tem Certificates

Environmental Management

The envi­ron­men­tal Mana­ge­ment Policy deve­lo­ped by LITSA allows a maxi­mum envi­ron­men­tal impact reduc­tion in accor­dan­ce with sus­tai­na­ble deve­lop­ment principles.

For this pur­po­se, LITSA carries out inter­nal audits and ins­pec­tions of faci­li­ties in order to gene­ra­te correc­ti­ve and pre­ven­ti­ve actions by means of spe­ci­fic actions focu­sed on: Diag­no­se, Pre­dict, Set tar­gets, Design Stra­te­gies and Mana­ge and Execu­te action plans.

LITSA sys­te­ma­ti­cally sends semi-annual reports to con­tro­lling enti­ties that are res­pon­si­ble for con­tro­lling through ad-hoc audits all the docu­ments pre­sen­ted. At the begin­ning, dif­fe­rent actions were carried out such as exhaus­ti­ve stu­dies and reports on envi­ron­men­tal impact, demo­graphic eva­lua­tion, pre­ser­va­tion of the pam­pas deer and poten­tial impact on bird popu­la­tions. All the­se actions were follo­wed in order to mini­mi­ze cons­truc­tion, ope­ra­tion and main­te­nan­ce-rela­ted effects.

Environmental Management System certification

LITSA has imple­men­ted an Envi­ron­men­tal Mana­ge­ment Sys­tem that com­plies with all the requi­si­tes sta­ted by ISO 14001:2015, which BVQ ori­gi­nally cer­ti­fied in Novem­ber 2004 and currently by SMC that belongs to OAA.

See our envi­ron­men­tal Mana­ge­ment Sys­tem Certificates

Public Security

Reso­lu­tion 620/2017 issued by ENRE (Natio­nal Elec­tri­city Regu­la­tory Com­mis­sion in the Argen­ti­ne Repu­blic) sta­tes a mini­mum Con­tent Gui­de for the Public Secu­rity Sys­tem of the Trans­mis­sion Com­pa­nies, in order to:

• Sta­te mini­mum reques­ted gui­de­li­nes for the mode­ra­tion of pos­si­ble public secu­rity-rela­ted risks that may be pro­vo­ked by the ren­de­ring of the service.

• Ensu­re a pro­per deter­mi­na­tion of objec­ti­ves and actions for a com­ple­te and per­ma­nent policy-making with pro­per pre­ven­tion levels.

• Ensu­re that the Public Secu­rity Manual and Plans con­tem­pla­te in a relia­ble way tho­se par­ti­cu­la­ri­ties rela­ted to the faci­li­ties and the geo­graphi­cal area whe­re the same operate.

Public Security Certification

LITSA has imple­men­ted a Public Secu­rity Mana­ge­ment Sys­tem that com­plies with the requi­si­tes esta­blished by ENRE´s (Natio­nal Elec­tri­city Regu­la­tory Com­mis­sion in the Argen­ti­ne Repu­blic) Reso­lu­tion 620/2017, which has been cer­ti­fied sin­ce January 2014 and is perio­di­cally renewed.

See our Public Secu­rity Sys­tem Certificates

Emergency Plan

In order to comply with ser­vi­ce avai­la­bi­lity; LITSA has imple­men­ted an Emer­gency Plan with action plans and mea­su­res plan­ned for situa­tions that could occur in its sys­tems, with indi­ca­tion of the most vul­ne­ra­ble points, in order to mini­mi­ze the risks that the users of the ser­vi­ce may be exposed.

Emergency Plan Certification

In order to stan­dar­di­ze the treat­ment of the­se situa­tions by which the mini­mum stan­dards requi­red to con­tain the pos­si­ble risks for the con­ti­nuity of the ser­vi­ce are esta­blished, LITSA ensu­res the correct deter­mi­na­tion of the objec­ti­ves and the imple­men­ta­tion of actions of a per­ma­nent natu­re and with ade­qua­te levels of pre­ven­tion complying with ENRE´s Reso­lu­tion 22/2010.

See Our Emer­gency Plan Certificates