LITSA´s Ethics

LITSA sup­ports its growth and strengthe­ning, in the ethi­cal con­duct of its mem­bers. Not only being impor­tant the results, but also how they are obtained.

During the deve­lop­ment of its acti­vi­ties, LITSA inter­acts with public autho­ri­ties, pri­va­te enti­ties, sup­pliers, clients, etc. For this reason and in pre­ven­ti­ve man­ner, this Com­pany has imple­men­ted an Inte­grity Pro­gram­me, pro­vi­ding trust to sha­rehol­ders and all of its mem­bers for com­plian­ce with law and regu­la­tions in its field of deve­lop­ment, such as its owns poli­cies, rules and pro­ce­du­res, for the pur­po­se of main­tai­ning high qua­lity inter­nal con­trol, ensu­ring the accom­plish­ment of its objec­ti­ves and in this way pro­tec­ting the assets, its own ima­ge and reputation.

This Inte­grity Pro­gram­me is fra­med within the requi­re­ments fore­seen by Law 27.401; com­pri­sing the Code of Ethics and Con­ducts, Anti­co­rrup­tion Poli­cies, Rela­tionship and Ten­der Poli­cies and Ten­der Poli­cies, as well as an anony­mous free of char­ge, ethics pho­ne line.

LITSA´s Ethics Pho­ne Line allows its colla­bo­ra­tors, its sup­pliers, clients and other parts invol­ved to report in an anony­mous way, any fraud, irre­gu­la­rity or con­duct that is against the company´s code of ethics.

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